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70/80's influenced hardrock band from Gävle, Sweden.

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Northern Ladies was formed in the summer of 2014 with Marie (guitar), Cecilia (drums) and Eden (former vocals). They had a vision to create a 70/80's influenced hardrock band.

Inspired by Saxon's song ”Northern Lady” they decided for the bandname 'Northern Ladies'.

During the summer the Ladies jammed casually for a while until Ida (bass) joined in October. The lineup was almost complete, but they were still one guitarist short. So occasionally their friend Jimmy participated in the rehearsals to make the lineup complete while they were looking for the final member.

The rehersals became more serious and eventually the band got an offer to join a mini-tour (Amptour 2015) where Jimmy joined them for the shows.

The Amptour was a success for the Ladies and during the tour they were signed a record/management deal with Attitude Recordings (Regina Vallanger). Since Jimmy worked so well with the Ladies they offered him to permanently fill the second guitarist spot. He joined the band, and the lineup was complete.

During the summer of 2015 the Ep ”Down on your knees” was recorded and three months later it was digitally released. Shortly after the release Eden sadly weren’t able to continue in the band.

In their search for a new vocalist Ida remembered Emelye's incredible performance from a school-concert where Cecilia and Marie also participated in. The Ladies contacted Emelye and offered her the vacant part as the singer in the band.

With an upcoming show only two nights away Emelye accepted and started rehearsing the Ladies material preparatory to her first gig, located in Stockholm (Pub Anchor). Her performance at the gig was a great success and the fans was stunned by her amazing voice!

Jimmy left the band in the beginning of 2017. With short notice Leandro filled Jimmy’s spot in the band and followed the ladeis on their first European tour. After the tour they decided to make Leandro a permanent member.

Singer Emelye

Emelye - Vocals

Guitarist Marie

Marie - Guitar

Bassplayer Ida

Ida - Bass

Guitarist Jimmie

Leandro - Guitar

Drummer Cissi

Cecilia - Drums

Past Shows


  • Northern ladies star14/12 Engelska Puben - Musikhjälpen - With Anthem - Borlänge
  • Northern ladies star16/11 Broder Tuck - Scandinavian Rock Evening - With Hollow Illusion, First Revival and A Broken Frame - Stockholm
  • Northern ladies star31/8 Rack'N'Roll - Release Party - With Hollow Illusion - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star17/7 Pub Anchor - Stockholm
  • Northern ladies star4/5 Rack'N'Roll - With Revelations - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star29/3 - Sveriges Radio P4 - Gävle


  • Northern ladies star26/7 Pub Anchor - Stockholm
  • Northern ladies star26/5 Rack'n'Roll Supported Skitarg- Gävle
  • Northern ladies star21/3 Rack'n'Roll, With Tritillion - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star4/1 Pub Anchor - Stockholm


  • Northern ladies star21/12 - Harry B James - Supported Beasto blanco!! - Stockholm
  • Northern ladies star2/12 - No Rest Festival - Upplands Väsby
  • Northern ladies star29/11 - Harry B James - With Antham - Stockholm
  • Northern ladies star11/11 - Rack'n'Roll + Support dropvision - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star30/9 - Level - Uppsala
  • Northern ladies star25/7 - Flaten festivalen - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star20/5 - CC- puben - with Greybeards - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star19/5 - Sveriges Radio P4 - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star22/4 - Gefle gas festival - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star4/3 - Slash bar - Karlovy vary - Czech
  • Northern ladies star2/3 - Club Jizak - Prauge - Czech
  • Northern ladies star1/3 - Chachartcovo DOUPĚ - Ostrava - Czech
  • Northern ladies star28/2 - Rock club Brooklyn - Brno - Czech
  • Northern ladies star26/2 - Cult club - Banska bystrica - Slovakia
  • Northern ladies star25/2 - Zilina - club Koleko - Slovakia
  • Northern ladies star24/2 - Ulegionarov- Kosice - Slovakia
  • Northern ladies star22/2 - Cinamon & Kardamon - Warszawa - Poland
  • Northern ladies star123/2 - Aligator Crystal rock club - Bratislava- Slovakia
  • Northern ladies star11/2 - Sjömanskyrkan - European tour start with Greybeards and Mass diversity - Gävle - Sweden
  • Northern ladies star4/2 Gavlerinken - Hockeyrock, GHK - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star11/1 Pub Anchor - Stockholm


  • Northern ladies star15/12 RoQ - Stockholm
  • Northern ladies star05/11 Plektrum Bar - Örebro
  • Northern ladies star05/10 Dujiangyan music festival 2016 - Chengdu - China
  • Northern ladies star03/10 Chongqing, China
  • Northern ladies star30/9 Little bar,Nanchong - China
  • Northern ladies star30/7 Hoforsrocken - Hofors
  • Northern ladies star21/7 Pub Anchor - Stockholm
  • Northern ladies star8/7 Badrocken - Sörfjärden
  • Northern ladies star17/6 Gamla Katolska kyrkan - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star4/6 Rock wave - Luelå
  • Northern ladies star26/3 The show must go on - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star27/2 Riot rockbar - Sandviken
  • Northern ladies star23/1 Local heroes - Gävle
  • Northern ladies star14/1 Horns & hooves - Berlin, Germany
  • Northern ladies star13/1 Rock café st.pauli - Hamburg, Germany
  • Northern ladies star7/1 CC-puben, Gävle


  • Northern Ladies star7/11 The rock bar - Karlstad
  • Northern Ladies star10/10 Blue stage metal Meyham II - Gävle
  • Northern Ladies star8/10 Pub Anchor - Stockholm
  • Northern Ladies star5/9 Ådraget - Gävle
  • Northern Ladies star1/8 Gamrocken - Ludvika
  • Northern Ladies star13/6 Trädgårn, Altitude rockfest - Göteborg
  • Northern Ladies star17/4 CC-puben - GÄvle
  • Northern Ladies star2/4 Dirty Harrys, Skintrade/Northen ladies - Gävle
  • Northern Ladies star29/3 Studio rex, livemusikvideo - Örnsköldsvik
  • Northern Ladies star28/3 Merry Can, Amptour - Örnsköldsvik
  • Northern Ladies star27/3 Stadsteatern, Amptour - Östersund
  • Northern Ladies star21/3 Folkets hus, Amptour - Ludvika
  • Northern Ladies star20/3 Rack'n'Roll - Gävle


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Attitude Recordings & Attitude Management

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